The Amish and Chicken Wings

Sunday was spent on a quest to find the Amish.  Ten, her mom and myself headed out to visit Amish country and inadvertantly took a detour when none of us saw the sign for the turn off.  No, the sign did not say, “AMISH NEXT EXIT”, we probably would have noticed that one, it was a regular ol’ highway sign.  Anyway, after realizing we had travelled about 45 miles beyond where we intended to be we made a U-turn and headed back. As we got closer to or destination I began to notice laundry hanging outside several houses and my observation went something like this, “Hm, there’s some laundry hangin…HEY! It’s Amish laundry!”  How did I know you ask?  Excellent question.  The row of monochromatic dresses gave it away.  After a similar detour in the town we meant to find much earlier we found “Mary Yoder’s” an Amish restaurant.  I say Amish because I think it was just modeled after the Amish, not run by them.  Regardless, the food was excellent.  We headed from the restaurant to find the “End of the Commons” general store which was the original store for this Amish community.  On our way we saw several horses and buggies, passed a few, then pulled in to store which was near a giant wooded replica of a horse and buggy.  Not sure why they needed a Trojan horse and buggy, eh, it added to the scene.  The store itself had creaky floors and mix of authentic Amish stuff and touristy trinkets made in China.  It is a functioning general store with dry goods and hardware, but it is also a touristy spot that sells fudge, and gimmicky crap like “Red Neck Bubble Bath”, which is a little packet of beans; har-har.  (Ok, it was a little funny.)

After the store we headed back to Youngstown and just hung out for a bit questing for the elusive Pabst sign again and looking for abandoned houses to explore to no avail, they were all locked and/or boarded up.  For dinner we headed over to Sharon, PA to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube, which is famous for it’s chicken wings; with good reason, they were delicious.  The restaurant itself had several cars and even a semi parked on the roof, and various car related memorabilia hanging inside including a whole car!  Oh, not only are the wings delicious, some are even super hot.  In order to eat the hottest ones on the menu you have to actually sign a waiver.  In the bathroom there was a sign on the paper towels that read something like this, “If you ate the atomic wings wash your hands before you use the bathroom”, probably good advice, but not the best place for it.

Whoops, just before we went to dinner we visited Daffin’s Candies which is the home of the CHOCOLATE KINGDOM!  A truly maginificent sight to behold, ……….that took up an area the size of a walk in closet.  See for yourself below.  Sorry for the dearth of pictures RE: the Amish and Quaker Steak, you’ll just have to use your imagination.


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