Not Entirely Ohio

Ok, so I made a big deal about adventuring in Ohio, well, Youngstown was really hot and humid so we headed to the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History in Pittsburgh where we could be inside and cool.  But before we headed down there we had breakfast at the Yankee Kitchen.  I had biscuits and gravy, the picture does not do the meal justice; trust me, it was tasty.  They also had awesome home fries and a giant, scary lookin’ chef; he was ‘No Country for Old Men’ scary if you know what I mean.  (One thing that I need to add before I continue is that the Great Lakes are HUGE.  I’m just sayin.  They don’t look all that impressive on the map.)  The Museums were cool and contained far too much for me to talk about here.  There were a lot of displays which either featured animals attacking animals, animals attacking humans that were trying to kill the animals, and in the bird wing there were several, well, dead birds.  Yes, I know birds in museums are dead, but theses birds weren’t mounted and lifelike; they had toe tags.  There was also a display, which you can see in the pictures, that had a dead toucan in front of a box of Fruit Loops; someone obviously has a sense of humor.  Also saw some paintings, of which the Edward Hopper was my favorite, some cool arts and crafts furniture, some ancient artifacts, typical museum fare.  I could have done without certain parts of the modern art wing though, just weird stuff.  After the museum we went to Penn Brewery, had some good beer an German appetizers: potato pancakes, pretzel with pub cheese, and buffalo wing pierogi’s, ok so the last one probably isn’t German, but it was tasty.  Our waiter tipped us to the Church Brew Works which was near by.  This place as a former church of St. John The Baptist that has been turned into a brew pub! It was truly magical.  The pulpit contained all the brewing equipment and most of the pews had been converted to booths.  Whoever thought of this idea was a genius. On the way home Ten decided to drop into a ghetto Kwik-e Mart.  Wasn’t too scary, just odd.  Mostly empty shelves and coolers of stuff only crackheads would think to buy.  I bought a water.


7 Responses to “Not Entirely Ohio”

  1. If you bought something there, does that make you a crackhead? I wanna go drink beer in the church, too! (Does that make ME a crackhead?)

  2. Sounds like a great trip so far!

  3. Beer drinking can be spiritual. Someone (Ben Franklin?) said, “Beer is evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, or something like that.

  4. I am interested to know what you thought of Pittsburg in general. I remember thinking it was going to be ugly and industrial and I was surprised at how beautiful it was. Did you make it to the Cathedral of knowledge at the university of Pittsburg? This gets my award for coolest building on a college campus!

    • I think what you thought Pittsburgh would be is what Youngstown is. Didn’t explore much of Pittsburgh beyond the museum. What I saw of the town was nice. I wanted to eat at a diner called Joe Mama’s, but we didn’t have time.

  5. Where are the pics of the great lakes? Lake Michigan is awesome! Make some friends w/ someone who owns a big beach house so we can all go next year.

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