Warm Up

Grain elevators near MJC

Wonder what the MF stands for?

To give you a flavor of what to expect of my “Post Industiral Tour of America” I snapped a couple of pictures from hear in Modesto.  I also wanted to test out my blogging skills.  One of the things I enjoy most about being out and about is simply looking around.  I make every effort to always look up and around.  That’s how I found the picture in the header of this blog.  It’s an old advertisement on a building at Fells Point in Baltimore.  When I see things like that I’m immediately transported another time and place wondering what it was like when that paint was fresh.  Similarly I have passed the grain elevators in Modesto a thousand times and wondered about their significance to the people who originally worked them and their relative insignificance to the people of Modesto today.  They stand as a testament to what made Modesto and most of the Central Valley towns; agriculture.  The warehouses just stood out to me as being post industrial I liked the architecture, the fact that they were surrounded by similar structures and that they were still being utilized.  Both the grain elevators and warehouses are important becasue they contribute to Modesto’s sense of place.  They are ties between our past and present.  I had a neighbor that once told me he knew I guy that was going to buy the grain elevators and convert them into lofts, great idea, espcieally since they are right by the junior college.  Hasn’t happend yet, and that neighbor was known for tall tales anyway.  Looking at the picutres I probalby should’ve taken them at a different time of day, though I kind of like the lighting effects on the ware houses.


3 Responses to “Warm Up”

  1. Tentative Itinerary for the Northeastern Ohio Excursion:
    Thurs: breakfast at the greasy spoon, Yankee Kitchen, followed by a short trip to the William McKinley Memorial, and then a trek down to the Mansfield Reformatory. The evening will end with a drive through the Youngstown hood, some drive thru liquor and lottery stores, and then the martini bar.
    Fri: The Christmas Story House, lunch at Cleveland’s West Side Market, and then the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dinner in Conventry (the “Bohemian” section of C-Town), and then the setting sun over Lake Erie.
    Sat: Mill Creek Park, the Festival of the Arts, the Arms Museum of History, The Butler Museum of American Art, The Steel and Labor Museum, ending with jazzfest and downtown bar hopping.
    Sun: Wagon Trails Animal Park, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, and Handel’s homemade Ice Cream
    Mon: Middlefield, OH for some Amish site seeing and Amish markets, followed by another tour of the ghetto and industrial waste, then Best Wings USA for dinner in Sharon PA, and the Chocolate Kingdom for desert.
    Tues: Pittsburgh for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Andy Warhol Museum of Art, and Three Rivers
    Optional activities: wineries, hookah bars, walks through abandoned homes and buildings, and lots of ethnic food.

  2. Awesome! I cannot wait!

  3. I forgot about the Greek Festival, Plaza “ghetto” Donuts, White House Fruit Farms, and pancakes the size of car tires at the Circle.

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