Hey, ho, Ohi-o

When asked what I would be doing this summer I reply, “Among other things I’m going to Ohio for a week.” This reply is often met with a quizzical look and curious tone, “Ohio? What’s in Ohio?” To which I’d like to say what isn’t in Ohio? And, c’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? So come along as I visit the state that is round on both ends and tall in the middle where I’ll see the Mansfield Reformatory (Google it), the house featured in “A Christmas Story” (It’s a major award!) , drive through liquor stores, run down factories and maybe an OG or two. The adventure begins July 7.


5 Responses to “Hey, ho, Ohi-o”

  1. Yo, yo – i’m about to take my cousin from Chicago to a drive-thru liquor store right now!! People come from all over the place just to go to drive-thru liquor stores in the Ohio hood.

  2. OMG–I can’t wait to join you on this adventure!

  3. Alex Cocilova Says:

    Right on Mr. Woodward. Take lots of pics at the Christmas Story house. Childhood classic of mine.

  4. Have a fabulous time! Say HI to Kristen for me.

  5. You forgot that Columbus, Ohio is also the home of the largest board game convention in the United States, Origins, held in late June!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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